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Funmat HT

3D Print with Functional Materials at a Fraction of the Cost

With a build space of 260 x 260 x 260 mm, the FUNMAT HT is an economical, high-performance 3D printer. The FUNMAT HT should be 3D printed at a resolution of 50 microns for industrial use.

This 3D printer's superior thermal system design includes:

Chamber with a constant temperature of 90°C
The construction plate is heated to 160 degrees Fahrenheit.
High-temperature extruder with an all-metal hot end operating at 450°C 

​Special Pricing for Research & Education

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High-temp build chamber allows for accurate parts every time

Stong materials that can replace metal in many applications like ULTEM or Composites

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Industrial Applications using Advanced Features

Because of its liquid-cooled dual extruders with idle tip retraction, vacuum build platform, heated and dried filament bay, Automatic Leveling, and INTAMTouch User Interface, the Funmat Pro 410 is the engineer's choice for functional testing and end-use parts on demand.

INTAMSYS Value is Unmatched 

3D printing high-performance polymers to complement industrial tools and processes has traditionally resulted in high annual operating costs. You may help reduce the annual load by using INTAMSYS 3D Printers.

Additive Materials That Make A Difference

Strict Requirements Call For High Performance

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INTAMSYS has partnered with the industries top material developers to deliver the best in performance and quality. Composite materials like carbon-filled nylon, or flame retardant material like ULTEM are very popular materials we offer. PEEK and many other 

Sample Parts Printed From Popular INTAMSYS Materials

INAMTSYS Additive Mfg Applications

In sectors such as fast prototyping, quality control, product design, and manufacturing, INTAMSYS supports innovative product creation from the R&D room to the factory floor, all the way to the quality control room. To learn more about how INTAMSYS can help your organization get products to market faster, contact a Rev1 expert.

How Our Customers Are Using INTAMSYS Additive Technology

Every day our customers come to us with new application questions, and the answers usually end up "YES, INTAMSYS can do that too!"

Minimize Revisions

Rapid prototyping, often known as the "chip shot" for 3D printers, is still the most prevalent use case for them today. To minimize revisions, 3D printing a prototype to test your designs is the best option.


Prototypes are great for confirming item feel and fit, but what about functionality testing? Some argue that this isn't always straightforward. Chemical or heat resistance is required in many applications. Is the component in touch with chemicals or subjected to a lot of stress? All of these applications are excellent for INTAMSYS high-performance thermoplastics.

Manufacturing material

Thanks to additive manufacturing, what was formerly unthinkable owing to tooling expenses is now possible. However, unlike engineering quality thermoplastics, a simple hobby grade material will typically not last or hold up. Don't skimp on the quality or the longevity of your purchase... With an INTAMSYS 3D Printer, 3D Print in a traditional material.

Product efficiencies

Do you think 3D printed products will stand up to the test of time on the factory floor? Consider your viewpoint once more! INTAMSYS 3D Printing is replacing jigs, fixtures, molds, end effectors, and even metal tools that were formerly employed to boost production floor efficiencies. You can save money and time on your hand-applied or robotic equipment by using INTAMSYS.


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Funmat Pro 610HT Tech Specs

Positional Accuracy  XY: 12  μm  / XY: 1.25 μm 
  Layer Resolution0.05-0.3 mm
  Build Volume260 X 260 X 260 mm (10.2 X 10.2 X 10.2 in)
 Max Extruder Temp 450°C
 Max Chamber Temp 90°C
 ConnectivityWiFi / USB 
 Filament Diameter1.75mm
 Supported MaterialsPEEK/PEEK-CF/PEEK-GF/PEKK/ULTEMTM (PEI)*/PPSU*/PC/PC Alloys/PA/PA-CF/ASA/ABS/HIPS/TPU/PETG/PLA/Carbon Fiber-Filled/GlassFiber-Filled/ESD-Safe, etc.

New to INTAMSYS Products?

Share INTAMSYS products with your colleagues at your next meeting. Our product brochure has all the specs you need to educate the team about a new high-performance solution that actually fits the budget.

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