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AM-DESK is an automated 3D measurement station for inspection and scanning needs.

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An intelligent control system, several servo-mechanists, a safety system, a motion control system, measurement and analysis software, and SPC batch analysis software make up the automated 3D measuring station known as AM-DESK. The station can accommodate various needs with significant flexibility because of its small size and simple installation. To measure several parts automatically, AM-DESK can be used in conjunction with various collaborative robots and Scantech's whole fleet of 3D scanners. It works well for on-site inspections in labs, tough environments, and shop floors to guarantee continuous 3D measurement with high precision. The station uses all-around precautions to guarantee operators' safety in accordance with CE certification norms. The station can achieve automated and uninterrupted 3D measurement for intricate parts with a variety of attachments.

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Safety Guard

The station has a CE designation, indicating that it complies with all safety, health, and environmental regulations set forth by the EU. It uses extremely safe practices, such as a sequential arrangement for emergency stops, a buzzer to warn of potential dangers by lights and noises, and an adjustable force distance with servo-mechanists to assure safe operations. It offers 10-grade collision detection and sensor safety detection when used in conjunction with cobots to prevent the robot from working when there are anomalies or potential hazards.

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Automated Calibration & Easy Programming

When used in conjunction with several collaborative robots, the station, which was designed with PLC and servo-mechanists, may achieve programmed and automated measurement. It can carry out intricate measurement activities in accordance with predefined measuring paths with the push of a button. It can be easily used by engineers and operators with various levels of programming proficiency.
Instruments must be calibrated when utilized for high-intensity operations in an unstable environment to guarantee accurate measurement findings. To provide uninterrupted measurements, the station may automatically calibrate its sensor following a scanning session or if the temperature changes.

Robust Performance

For a variety of activities, whether in the lab or on the factory floor, AM-DESK is the reliable 3D measuring station. It provides quick and automated inspections for parts weighing up to 100 kg, including casting, plastic, and stamped parts. After the measurements are complete, the station can automatically produce inspection reports by comparing the real 3D coordinates and the CAD information, greatly increasing efficiency.

AM-DESK tech Specs

TypeAM-DESK 60120
 Dimension1200*600*177 mm
Turntable Payload 140KG
Turntable Repeatability 0.05°
Turntable Accuracy0.1°
Max Rotational Speed of Turntable
Communication Interface TCP/IP
Robot SupportedUR / URS
AUBO / i5; i7
Power Supply
 Peak Power

Accessories to Choose From

The automated measurement station has a 1 square meter footprint and weighs 75 kg. With 110-220 V mains electricity, this little station may be erected in 5 minutes. It can be easily installed and moved about when put on a portable trolley. Additionally, it may enlarge the workspace by collaborating with plug-and-play positioners. Measurements can be accelerated by the station's instantaneous measurement path switching. It can also function with various cobots.

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