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    Artec Eva is our best-selling 3D scanner because it can capture data quickly and is very cost-effective

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The Artec Eva 3D Scanner

Professionals need a quick 3D scanner

This structured-light 3D scanner is great for quickly creating textured, accurate 3D models of medium-sized objects like a human bust, alloy wheel, or motorcycle exhaust system. It scans swiftly and accurately, obtaining high-resolution readings.

Eva is our most popular scanner and the market leader in handheld 3D scanners because it is light, fast, and adaptable. It is a superb all-around solution for capturing items of almost any kind, including things with dark and bright surfaces, and is based on safe structured-light scanning technology.

Artec Eva Price: $19,800 US

Special Pricing for Research & Education 

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Without the use of targets, accuracy of up to 0.1 mm can be achieved. 

One of the best-selling handheld 3D scanner on the market.

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Greater Resolution

Eva and Leo scanners now have a new Al-powered HD Mode.


Learn about HD mode

Looking for the best out of Artec?

In our latest Ebook, learn why 3D scanning can make a significant impact in your inspection results.

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High 3D resolution

​0.2 mm

Scan in vivid colors with a high 3D resolution.

Fast capturing speed

​16 fps

Eva provides great accuracy — up to 0.1 mm — while simultaneously capturing and analyzing up to 18 million points per second.

Resolution of texture

​1.3 Mpx

Make 3D reproductions of your object in vivid colors. 

Artec Eva tech specs

3D Accuracy  Up to 0.1 mm
  3D Resolution up to 0.2 mm
Object SizeStarting from 10 cm
 Target-free tracking Hybrid geometry and color based
 Full color scanningYes
Output formats Popular formats, including STL, OBJ and PLY
3D reconstruction rate 16 FPS
Weight of scanner0.9 kg

For actual portability, the tablet and battery must be compatible.

Connect the 0.85 kg 3D scanner to a tablet and the Artec battery pack, which gives up to 6 hours of power, and you can scan almost anywhere, even without access to electricity.

 Safe to use with white light technology

Eva scans people and inanimate items using white structured light technology, which is completely safe.

There are no targets or calibration. Simply point and shoot.

There's no need to prepare; simply plug in the scanner and point it around the object like a video camera. It's that simple.

Easy integration and bundling
Several scanners can be combined and synced together to capture larger 3D objects or to create an automatic scanning system. You can also use the free Artec Scanning SDK to incorporate the scanners into your own creative solutions.

Tracking and capture of hybrid geometry and texturing

Eva can read the geometry as well as the color of the object being 3D scanned. As a result, it gathers two sets of data with which to track and process data.

    • 3D scanning is now easier and smoother.
    • Color distinction allows you to scan even big featureless objects. 
    • Faster processing of 3D data.
    • Scan with targets as an option.
    • Achieve best possible results with geometry and texture data combined. 

The greatest 3D scanner for structured light

for creating a quick and precise 3D model

1.) Scan the object

2.) Fuze & Optimize

3.) Texturize & Export

How Artec Eva works:

Handheld 3D scanner that is industry standard

Artec Eva's simplicity, speed, and precision have made it a must-have device for a variety of sectors. The device is utilized to adapt, develop, and streamline various forward-thinking industries, from rapid prototyping to quality control, CGI to heritage preservation, the automotive industry to forensics, medicine and prosthetics to aerospace. Eva was also used to scan Barack Obama and assist in the creation of the world's first three-dimensional portrait of an American president.

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What is HD Mode for Eva?

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Is Artec Eva safe for scanning animals and people?

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Is Artec Eva safe for scanning animals and people?

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Artec Eva Lite is a professional entry-level scanner from Artec.

budget version of our best-selling 3D object scanner with reduced functionality, but the same accuracy specs. No color tracking or capture. Suitable for scanning geometrically rich objects only.

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Artec 3D Software

Streaming, developing, and customizing a wide range of industries

Artec Studio 16

It's never been easier to process smart 3D data.

Create professional 3D models with the industry's most comprehensive 3D scanning and data processing software.

Enjoy a variety of cutting-edge features, such as the cutting-edge Autopilot mode, which intelligently guides you through the whole post-processing pipeline, automatically selecting the optimal algorithms for your data so you can witness your high-precision model come together right before your eyes.

With the large range of additional options offered, you can also take complete control of your outcomes.
Artec Studio 16

With the intelligent Autopilot mode, you can get the greatest results in no time.

For your scan data, a photorealistic texture is available.

Scanned data with a photorealistic texture


-Collaborate, view and process on the go

-Always stay connected when working remotely

-Work with 3D data on your browser

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