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The Artec Micro 3D Scanner

Small machine components, jewelry, and dentistry require a professional ultra-high-precision industrial desktop 3D scanner.

With just one click, this fully automated desktop 3D scanner can produce industrial-quality scans. Artec Micro scans with a point precision of up to 10 microns, making it ideal for reverse engineering small products, quality control, inspection, dentistry, jewelry, design, and more. Artec Micro provides the ultimate scanning solution to your PC, designed for ease of use and precision.

Price: $29,300 US

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Precision of up to 10 microns

Ideal for reverse engineering and quality assurance testing.

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    • Precision of up to 10 microns
    • Scans of metrology quality that can be used for quality control
    • Desktop 3D scanner with full automation
    • With just one click, you may capture 3D images.
    • There's no need to provide targets in the object.
    • Create exact digital copies of small objects, tiny parts, jewelry, etc.

Desktop 3D scanning at its most

Artec Micro provides cutting-edge scanning technologies to your computer. Micro's dual-axis rotation technology (swing & rotation) is flawlessly coordinated with its superior dual color cameras and blue LED lighting to make the ultimate digital replica of your object with the fewest possible frames collected.

3D scanning that is simple to use 

In seconds, it's compact and ready to scan. You're ready to scan once you've mounted the object on the circular scanning platform. Choose from a number of intelligent scanning paths. Then watch as your scan unfolds in stunning detail on the screen in real time. With Micro, only a rudimentary level of training is required. You'll start scanning small objects on your own in no time after a quick introduction.

Software that is both powerful and stable

Right out of the box, Micro integrates with the industry-acclaimed Artec Studio for real-time digital capture. See your scans coming to life on the screen. After scanning, Artec Studio makes it easy for you to process your scan. Simply follow the same series of steps as you would with our handheld scanners, and then export the final 3D model to software such as SOLIDWORKS, PolyWorks Inspector, Control X or Design X.

Scanning mode with intelligence

Digitize your objects fully automatically and in the shortest amount of time possible. All of this was accomplished with almost no user involvement. Simply place the thing on the scanner surface and begin scanning. The rest is handled by Micro.

Micro's Smart scanning mode captures every surface of your object in the shortest amount of time and with the least number of frames possible. This translates to minutes and megabytes saved on each scan. You'll be able to digitize things much faster now, and your hard disk will appreciate the extra room.
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Artec Micro technical specs:

 3D resolution  Up To 0.029mm
 3D accuracy Up to 10 microns (0.01 mm)
Object size 90 X 60 X 60 mm
 Full color scanning Yes
 Target-free scanning Yes
 Output formats All popular formats, including STL, OBJ, and PLY
 Light sourceBlue LED

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Inspection of quality

There is a rising requirement in a range of businesses to ensure that product quality levels are as high as possible. Micro can "see" considerably below the human visibility threshold of 40 microns, and its 3D measurements are among the best in today's cutting-edge scanners, making it an ideal choice for inspection and much more.

Reverse engineering is the process of creating something from nothing.

Artec Micro can mill or 3D print any small part for which no blueprint exists, or if you need to quickly redesign or just alter an existing part. Handheld scanners can struggle with small parts, but Micro was designed specifically for this.
Its exact 3D measurement enables you to digitally integrate historical parts with new ones, capturing even the tiniest details that most other scanners overlook. Reduce the time it takes to develop, prototype, and produce a product by weeks and thousands of dollars.

Preservation of cultural heritage

Thousands of priceless historical artifacts are being kept in museum storage or back rooms. Many of these artefacts are degrading over time as a result of poor conditions. It's a race against time to document these priceless possessions. In few minutes, Artec Micro gives you the ability to create incredibly detailed 3D models of little cultural objects. These models can then be archived, shared easily with researchers and others locally or globally, or sent to a 3D printer for printing in a variety of materials.


Forget about the calipers and tracing procedures of the past. Artec Micro converts intricate jewelry products into CAD/CAM data for design, customization, 3D printing, and casting in a matter of minutes. In the design and fabrication of sophisticated and highly detailed jewelry creations, it saves hours of work. In hours, not days, you can make custom-fitting wedding bands from engagement rings. Take an old diamond or stone and create an altogether new jewelry piece to exactly compliment it to update family heirlooms.


Artec Micro is up to the task of providing precise CAD/CAM-ready 3D scans for lab use and 3D printing in today's dentistry practice. Single tooth, complete arches, or complicated imprints can all be scanned using this device. Artec Studio exports to ExoCAD and other dental applications. Crowns and bridges, inlays and onlays, dentures, custom abutments, implants, and more can all benefit from perfect digital reproductions and archival copies.

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